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This best-selling book swept across America in December of 2023, with 97,000 copies in print in just four weeks. It’s now destined to be a classic.

Through Santa’s Eyes is a heart-stirring wake up call to live Elfishly all year. This book takes you on a roller coaster of emotion igniting a spirit of Elflessness, and uniting in the spirit of community and love. With real stories that transition from heartbreaking to heartwarming, this book is a beacon of hope, urging us all to Be Less Selfish and Be More Elfish. 

Through Santa’s Eyes is more than a Christmas book. It’s a movement to unite countries, communities, and families around the central message of love and service.

Experience this captivating and heartwarming story of Coz’s inner transformation as he witnesses a series of wonderous Christmas miracles through Santa’s eyes.

Coz discovers the lessons taught through the magic of Santa Claus and reveals the secret to living with peace and love. The true spirit of Christmas does not need to be something we trod out only once a year, but an energy, a frequency, we can choose to be in resonance with every day of the year.

The power of love can heal broken hearts, mend relationships, and save lives. There is a force that seeks to divide us. It preys on our selfishness, creating a world full of dissonance and chaos.

The simple Be Less Selfish, Be More Elfish message can change the world.

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"I Got Teary Eyed"

“My husband just came home. He asked me what’s wrong and why I’m crying. I’m reading your book!!! Wow!!! I just read the chapter about the three kids getting adopted. But that’s not the first time I got teary eyed. I need to make sure I’m not wearing make-up when I read your book.” Natalie L.

"Book Impacts the World"

“I feel more inspiration within me to be less selfish, and be more elfish. Thank you so much for sharing your story and offering more hope and love to the world. I look forward to seeing how your book impacts the world.” Chandler Z.

"Three Hours Sobbing"

“While I was waiting for my Starbucks Doordash, I decided to read Coz’s book. I sat there for three hours sobbing until I realized I had finished the entire book. I couldn’t put it down. This book is amazing.” Katie H.

"I Just Couldn't Put It Down"

“I got my copy Thursday night and read the whole book Friday. I just couldn’t put it down. It was amazing! Keep a box of Kleenex close at hand!” Bambi F.

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Coz Green

Coz  began as a professional, award-winning entertainer at the age of 13 and continues to perform around the world. He started his broadcasting career as a news reporter for an ABC talk radio station at the age of 17.

Coz’s success in broadcasting and media spans over three decades. He is a major league sports announcer, and his voice can be heard nationally on numerous voice-over projects. As an international speaker, he inspires audiences on a variety of business and personal development topics.

Coz champions charity causes and has raised millions of dollars as a producer, emcee, and auctioneer. He is the proud father of two amazing children, Megan and Ben, and pappy to a beautiful granddaughter, Aurora “Rory.”

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